Established in 1989 by Michael Shortis, Capital Construction & Refurbishing Pty Ltd was originally developed as a multi-disciplined firm across the fields of commercial & residential construction. We have since gone on to develop and focus our strengths on providing high quality, architect-designed residential builds of exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Michael’s specific strength as a director is clear, open and trustworthy communication and he has worked hard to instil this quality in his direct employees and the sub-contractors we have worked with over many years. Our office team of project managers and contract administrators come with background degrees in Architecture and Construction Management. They are skilled at using clear communication and organisation to execute your project professionally, whilst maintaining ultimate respect for the architectural vision.

We want our clients to know that when you engage Capital on your project, you will get us, our own men and a list of dedicated sub-contractors and suppliers we have worked with over many years. We employ our own foremen, carpenters, apprentices and labours, so that we can control the quality and the outcome of the work. This ensures that our care and respect for the architecture can be reflected in the quality of the finished product.

Our close-knit team works together on all aspects of the project from initial pricing at tender through the construction process, handover and future works to the properties we work on. Some of our foremen have worked with us for up to 30 years and provide amazing knowledge and value additions to every project they work on. We pride ourselves on the number of clients who have come back to us over the years specifically asking for the foreman that originally completed the job to come back and work on their homes again.

As of 2021, Capital Construction has been fortunate enough to be awarded no less than eight MBA Housing in Excellence awards and several of the projects we have been involved with have been featured in magazines, on tv and received numerous architectural commendations. We are extremely proud to have been named the 2020 Master Builder of the Year for NSW.

Whether the job is a competitive lump sum tender, a cost-plus contract or a negotiated price project, our aim is to provide a fair and reasonable price for the work and to give you the client a positive experience on the way through. We live by the guarantee that if the documents do not change, the price will not change. We will tailor our contractual approach to whatever best suits the client so that you can stay informed and be comfortable financially with the costs on the project. It all comes back to clear and honest communication.