Little Bay – ‘Murrah Murrah Pl’

The site of Royal Prince Henry Hospital at Little Bay has to have one of the most scenic views in Sydney. Working with Luigi Roselli Architects, Capital worked hard to deliver a beautiful house for the client that would do justice and fit into this historic and scenic site.

Design as a viewing platform to the landscape surrounding, and unique in its simplicity, the build encompassed a wide range of energy saving and climate control measures to ensure that mechanical air conditioning was not required to keep the clients comfortable. A 25,000L water tank was installed to allow the clients to reduce their dependence and use of town water.

The simple material palette of sandstone, concrete & timber ensure that the building will last and withstand the effects of time, allowing the clients to enjoy their house for years to come.



Luigi Roselli Architects


New Build


Fixed Lump Sum


Master Builders Association – Excellence in Housing Awards 2009 Contract Houses $1.5-2 Million.