Mosman – ‘Wolesley Rd’

This residential rip-out and refurbishment included the removal and replacement of the existing rear timber floors and extensive alterations to the internal structure to open up the space and provide additional support to the upper floor structure.

New concrete floors were poured through-out and the original roof structure was removed and replaced with structural steel members to open up the space, increase the useable first floor area, and support the roof frame.

All other existing rooms were refurbished including a large new kitchen and four new bathrooms. A real challenge was opening up the roof structure completely whilst protecting and keeping the ornate original ceilings in place during the works. All timberwork and floors throughout were repaired, sanded and finished.

Extensive hard and soft external landscaping was completed to both front and rear of the property to update the property and help it blend into it’s surrounds.



Jill Coombes


Fixed Lump Sum