Whale Beach – ‘Strata House’

A project that ran over four years and involved multiple design & cost revisions to get the house ‘just right’, Capital worked closely with the Architect and the client for close to a year providing costings and options before even starting on site.

Being situated right on the edge of the cliff, extensive groundworks and engineering were completed to ensure the house had a stable platform to sit on that would last well over 100 years! Over 50 piers were drilled on site with some having depths of up to 9.0m and were situated within 1.0m of the cliff edge, creating both a challenge from the standpoint of engineering and managing construction workflow and safety on site.

Construction of the house pushed our boundaries to perform with millimetre accuracy, items such as completely custom fabricated and ipad-controlled opening doors & windows were developed from scratch and installed into a deceptively simple structure of load bearing masonry brick and off-form concrete. A full automation and underfloor heating system was sandwiched into load bearing slabs with off-form finishes to both the soffit and the floor above.

Capital worked with the client to provide the exact finishes they were after, to the point of importing container loads of hand-fired Italian bricks for the external walls. A project where nothing was off the shelf and all items were constructed for maximum longevity, custom Brass and Stainless 316 fixtures were the order of the day. Some highlights were the custom Brass door & window furniture developed especially for this project and shipped over from New Zealand and the stainless 316 skylight frames to hold 21mm thick glass in place over the double height internal courtyard.



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New Build House


Fixed Lump Sum w/ Provisional Sum Elements